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What If

July 17, 2015 Arne 0 comments

There was a news report that a US Congresswoman from California wants to banish the words husband & wife from Federal Government discourse. Is it just me, or is the news full of Word/Thought Eradication?! Then it occurred to me, what if Word/Thought Eradication got a hold of The Word?
My inner cynic just got the best of me…

What if we stopped calling it The Bible? We could accurately call it “The World’s #1 Bestseller”. How about “The Book More People Have Turned To on Living Life Well for the Past 3500 Years than ANY Other Book.” Or “Living a Good Life for Numbskulls.” Would that make it easier for people to read, believe, and follow?
What if we stopped calling them man & woman? We could, by observation, call them “human with an outie” & “human with an innie”. Or “Outie” & “Innie” for short…but then we’d be getting back to labels. We can’t have that. The War on Women would become the War on Innies. Just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? Let’s stick with man & woman; we can have a much better war that way.
What if we stopped calling it The Fruit of The Spirit? We could say that, to live a good life, we should treat others with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if we all treated each other this way? And hey…we wouldn’t have a War on Innies anymore. “Cool beans!” [thanks Robin].
What if we agreed that Love has certain characteristics that make love feel like love? We could say that, to live a good life, we should be patient and kind; we shouldn’t be arrogant, self-seeking, or easily angered; we shouldn’t envy, boast, dishonor others, delight in evil, or rejoice in iniquity; we shouldn’t keep score of the sins of others; we should rejoice in the truth; and we should ALWAYS hope, persevere, protect, and trust…WITHOUT fail. What if we agreed that all of these emotions and feelings together have one word…Love…and that the word shouldn’t be used any other way? This would be a good thing, wouldn’t it? Hard to label someone a “–[fill in the blanks]– ist” if we all treated each other in Love. But then some of these words, feelings, and emotions go back to The Fruit of The Spirit. Can’t have that.
What if we stopped calling it Wisdom? Then some people couldn’t be labeled a “brainist” or “smartist” just because others are flat-out stupid or “as dumb as a box of rocks” [I’ve only heard this in the South…thanks Southeners]. We could say that people should be pure, peace-loving, gentle, open to reason [well that just blew it!], full of mercy & good fruit, unwavering, sincere. But then some of these words, feelings, and emotions go back to The Fruit of The Spirit. Can’t have that! What is it about this Fruit of The Spirit thing that makes it so dang awesome? It just keeps popping up everywhere!
What if we stopped calling Him God? How about “The One who SPOKE stuff into existence SO LOUD all the smartists call it The Big Bang.” What if we stopped calling Him Spirit? How about “The One who HOVERED over THE WATERS while The Other One was SPEAKING REALLY LOUD and sounding like a Big Bang.” It had to have been hard getting to sleep that week while someone was being all loud and stuff. What if we stopped calling Him Jesus? Y’know, The One some people say was just a really nice guy. True enough…it was really nice of Him to pour out enough blood to cover the Eyes of God on our Day of Judgment and to act as the prism through which He sees us. Such Amazing Grace…no, can’t have that either.

What if we believed in God and Jesus and Bible and Fruit of The Spirit and Love and Wisdom? What if we believed that God designed each one of us uniquely to give abundantly from Our Fruit of The Spirit in His Name? What if man & woman SHARED dominion over the earth and everything on it [including each other, willingly and lovingly yielding themselves to the other]? What if man & woman Became One Flesh in their Marriage & Family the way God designed? Wouldn’t our families, our homes, our communities all be better for it?
What if we actually walked this talk?
What if Word/Thought Eradication worked on the Works of the Flesh and the ABCs of our SELF indulgences: Abortion, Adultery, Child Abuse, Divorce, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Porn, Prostitution, Rape & Sexual Abuse…the list is long. Would that help us see that our choices and actions sometimes have very real and painful consequences on the people we say we love? Or does it say more about the evil in our world if the words of our SELF indulgences are more acceptable than The Fruit of The Spirit?

Hey…do you think it’d be OK if I make a bumper sticker that proclaims “I am a Fruit of The Spirit Outie!”

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