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The Supreme Court Decides

June 29, 2015 Arne 0 comments

Finally, the US Supreme Court handed down its decision on the gay marriage debate. For the purpose of this article, I’m not delving into the nuts & bolts of the decision. Why? Because the decision is irrelevant. Really? Well yeah…because getting hitched is a matter of man’s law and nine Judges reaffirmed that notion.

The Purpose of YYG is to equip The Faithful in fighting the good fight for God’s Marriage Covenant. Which begs the question…what is God’s Marriage Covenant? It’s there in The Torah, Book of Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 24. After The LORD God forms the woman from Adam’s rib, He brings her to Adam and commands into existence THE Marriage Covenant when He declares “…a man shall cleave to his wife and they shall Become One Flesh…”
Said another way, the Purpose of YYG is to equip Faithful Couples in Becoming One Flesh. Why? Because Becoming One Flesh is the ONLY Marriage Covenant that is God-ordained. EVERYTHING ELSE is just getting hitched.
To simply say that God created the institution of marriage substantially misses the point. Mankind, in its exertion of free will over His Will, has once again thought more highly of itself than The LORD God. But thankfully mankind has NO AUTHORITY over God’s Marriage Covenant.
I’ve got a theory…can’t prove it…but if more children and families had been loved in One Flesh Marriages, the institution would have been far less vulnerable to attack. And maybe there’d been no debate at all because alternatives wouldn’t be needed. As I see it, the conversation needs to change to strengthening the marriage institution by equipping couples in Becoming One Flesh.

Every pastor [no exaggeration…EVERY PASTOR] I’ve spoken with agrees that Becoming One Flesh is THE God-Commanded Marriage Covenant. And, every pastor [yup…EVERY PASTOR], when asked how many couples in his pews have One Flesh Marriages, has an appalling answer.
There IS a connection. Almost ALL pew people I’ve spoken with had NO pre-marital counseling. And I don’t recall hearing about Becoming One Flesh from The Pulpit. The connection? The Church is curiously silent on God’s Marriage Covenant.

Take a look back at the last 100 sermons [typically about 2 years’ worth, right?]. What percent talks about His Marriage Covenant? Looking at church life from the pews, I believe The Church speaks its priorities from The Pulpit…so what is The Church’s priority if the top 3 topics are tithing, a Book/Chapter study, or my personal relationship with Jesus. Unintended? Maybe, but life from the pews says The Church wants my money. These are all important topics for sure, and tithing IS Scriptural, but certainly The Church can dedicate some time to the ONLY Covenant The LORD God crafted during Creation.

Only if The Church agrees that Marriage & Family is a leading priority and says so from The Pulpit. Why The Pulpit? Because, as a pew person, I figure out what The Church believes by what The Church teaches. Programs are needed to support The Pulpit. But if The Pulpit is silent on Marriage & Family, then its programs are just add-ons.
YYG was borne of a passion to see a dramatic reduction in the violent dismembering of the One Flesh Marriage Covenant and the rampant destruction of families through divorce. And YYG was borne of a passion to support The Church in actively and purposefully strengthening the marriage institution by equipping couples in Becoming One Flesh, otherwise…well, you get the point.

Imagine the love in our homes, the health of our families, the state of our communities when EVERY church serves Faithful Couples by leading them to Becoming One Flesh. Yet NOT ONE person I’ve spoken with [pastors included] has come across a relationship equipping tool that, like YYG, makes Becoming One Flesh uniquely central to the message.
EVERY PASTOR agrees that if a couple believes theirs is not a One Flesh Marriage, they CAN Become One Flesh. And EVERY PASTOR agrees that the opposite is also true…that a One Flesh Marriage can be shattered by exerting free will in the pursuit of SELF. So can we agree there’s nothing to lose by shepherding The Faithful to Becoming One Flesh? If true, then the time for fighting the good fight for His Marriage Covenant is NOW!

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