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The First Couples

December 25, 2014 Arne 0 comments

At Christmas Eve services 2012, Pastor Ben talked about Mary’s reaction to being told she was going to become Mother to the Son of The Most High by the Angel Gabriel. For me, Pastor Ben’s words evoked an aura of humility and elegance under pressure. Having just finished the first rendition of the YYG book, I thought of the reaction by the woman [Eve] to being told she could be like God by the serpent. How different.
In fact, the first couple & family as a whole stand in stark contrast to The First [New Testament] Couple & Family…


Let’s go to the scene in the Garden of Eden where the serpent is tempting the woman to disobey God’s Command by eating fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The woman knows she’s not supposed to eat the fruit and tells the serpent as much. She could have ended the conversation right then by telling the serpent to take a hike [she has co-dominion over all the earth]. But she didn’t…she ate. STRIKE ONE.

The Bible says that after she ate, she gave some to her husband who was with her. C’mon people! This couple had a face-to-face relationship with The Creator and they took the word of one of the created over His?!  Since when does the creation have more credibility than The Creator?! Y’know…The One who said don’t eat or you’ll die?!! STRIKE TWO.

OK…so maybe they didn’t die…but their intimate relationship with Father God died.
And Adam was no saint. The Bible is clear that Adam did nothing to stop the serpent’s seduction of the woman…he just stood by and watched. How do we know that? The Bible says he was with her. This is the same woman The LORD God created just for him. The same woman he was commanded to cleave to and to Become One Flesh with. The LORD God commanded Adam not to eat from the Tree…which part of “you will surely die” did Adam not understand?! We know he ate the fruit. And we know he blamed it on “the woman You gave to be with me”. STRIKE THREE. YOU’RE OUT!…of the garden.

Adam and Eve’s first child is Cain. When we first see him, Cain is angry with his brother Abel because Abel’s offering is pleasing to God, but Cain’s was not looked upon with favor. Not because of the quality of the offering, but because of the quality of the person making the offering. So Cain murdered his brother. GAME OVER.


Let’s go to the Gospel of Luke, where we find the Angel Gabriel [sent by God, versus the serpent who mocked God] telling Mary that the Holy Spirit would come upon her, the power of The Most High would overshadow her, and The Holy One to be born would be given the name Jesus and be called the Son of God. Mary answered simply that she is “…the handmaid of The Lord…be it unto to me according to thy word.” [KJV] Believing she was highly favored [as the Angel Gabriel told her, versus being told by the serpent that she could be like God], Mary obeyed the word of His Angel and with humility accepted the impossible [the Virgin Birth].

In the Book of Matthew, we see Joseph has in mind to divorce Mary. An Angel of the Lord appears to Joseph in a dream. The Angel explains what happened to Mary and tells Joseph not to fear taking Mary as his wife. Rather than throwing her to the curb [versus “the woman You gave to be with me”], Joseph did what the Angel of the Lord commanded…he protected Mary and cleaved to her. The Bible also says Joseph had no sexual relations with Mary until she delivered. This couple truly is One Flesh.

Mary and Joseph’s first child is Jesus. Immanuel. Son of The Most High. The One who was murdered to save his brother. The One who was THE OFFERING for all mankind. GAME ON…

We believe this contrast is not coincidental as it points out that when couples are obedient to God’s Will, are truly One Flesh, and have godly offspring, it brings them His Favor. Though maybe not a visit by an Angel…

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