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06.11.2017 Mark of the Beast
In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, you’ll find the following three verses:
[16] “…he compels all, small and great, rich and poor, free men and slaves, to receive a mark on their right hands or foreheads [17] so that no one will be able to buy or sell unless he bears the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. [18] Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: his number is 666.”

10.26.2015 God and Bible, Part 2
Throughout Creation, God spoke…And it was so. Seems God’s Voice is loud enough some people call Creation “the Big Bang”. Only the Universe, the Animal Kingdom, and man & woman were NOT spoken into being during Six Days of Creation. And only The Animal Kingdom and man & woman have the breath of life in them. But only man & woman were formed with God’s Own Hands. Of everything God made, man & woman are His Most Adored Creation…we are bigger in God’s Sight than the universe. It’s true: you & I are the BIGGEST BANG God made. Pretty cool.

07.17.2015 Practicing | Parenting
Assuming you know the biology of creating new life, you chose this. Your child did not. Your child’s formative years [until your child demonstrates responsibility] require you to stop your SELF indulgences and focus on his/her development. There’s time for SELF when you’ve completed the task. If you’re not ready for this…you get the point.
Parenting Biblically starts with the realization that your child is not just yours. Your child was handcrafted by God with a unique combination of gifts, talents, traits, etc, to achieve His Specific Purpose…and you get a front row seat! In other words, your child is NOT a mini you. Nor is there any redesign you can come up with that’s as good as God’s.
Our obligation as parents is to learn who our child is and how God designed him/her. Then we are to adjust our parenting styles and personalities to support our child’s purpose & design.

07.17.2015 What If
There was a news report that a US Congresswoman from California wants to banish the words husband & wife from Federal Government discourse. Is it just me, or is the news full of Word/Thought Eradication?! Then it occurred to me, what if Word/Thought Eradication got a hold of The Word?

07.13.2015 Premarital Counseling – Estonian Style
My Mom’s recollection of the premarital visit with the Pastor.

06.29.2015 The Supreme Court Decides
Finally, the US Supreme Court handed down its decision on the gay marriage debate. For the purpose of this article, I’m not delving into the nuts & bolts of the decision. Why? Because the decision is irrelevant. Really? Well yeah…because getting hitched is a matter of man’s law and nine Judges reaffirmed that notion. In Genesis 2:24, after The LORD God forms the woman from Adam’s rib, He brings her to Adam and commands into existence THE Marriage Covenant when He declares “…a man shall cleave to his wife and they shall Become One Flesh…” Said another way, Becoming One Flesh is the ONLY Marriage Covenant that is God-ordained…EVERYTHING ELSE is just getting hitched.

05.18.2015 An Unhappy Marriage
From what I’ve heard, the arguments for divorce in an unhappy marriage revolve around two central points:
“If I have to fake being happy, then I’m living a lie.” and
“Children shouldn’t grow up believing an unhappy marriage is normal.”
Let me get my cynicism out of the way…
This is not the very first time you’ve lied. Of all the lies you’ve told, lying about this will have the very best outcomes for everyone you’re lying to. Including you. Suck it up…live the lie.
Oh…so divorce is better for your children to believe in? Get over it.

03.19.2015 The Covenant Marriage
The Covenant Marriage became law in Louisiana [1997], Arizona [1998], and Arkansas [2001]. Other states have tried to enact Covenant Marriage laws since then but none has succeeded. Here we’ll look at the more significant commonalities from each state’s law and at Arkansas’s marriage & divorce statistics to determine if reducing divorce was achieved.

12.25.2014 The First Couples
At Christmas Eve services 2012, Pastor Ben talked about Mary’s reaction to being told she was going to become Mother to the Son of The Most High by the Angel Gabriel. For me, Pastor Ben’s words evoked an aura of humility and elegance under pressure. Having just finished the first rendition of the YYG book, I thought of the reaction by the woman [Eve] to being told she could be like God by the serpent. How different.

11.18.2014 God and Bible
A Pew Forum survey conducted in 2008 states that 28% of American adults have left the faith in which they were raised in favor of another religion…or no religion at all…and that 16.1% are unaffiliated. 20% of adults who were raised Protestant [ex: Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.] are now unaffiliated or in a non-Protestant tradition. How come? The truth is that The Church [as an Institution] & religion are man-made…they are susceptible to all the flaws of man. This is NOT an indictment of The Church or religion…it’s just a statement of truth. If you believe God exists AND that The Bible is God-breathed, then both God and Bible are NOT man-made and NOT flawed. I believe it. I put my faith in God and Bible.