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Simple! The time has come for a Marriage Revival. Our children need to grow up in homes with loving parents and specifically dads who are the Family Shepherds God created them for.
YYG’s Making Sense of Becoming One Flesh is fundamental to a Marriage Revival because it takes us Back to “In the Beginning” when God created the Marriage Covenant.
And besides, you can’t have a Revival if you don’t know what you’re reviving.



The third writing of “YYG | Your Marriage. Your Family. God’s Design.” with the subtitle “Making Sense of Becoming One Flesh”.
God’s Word is front and center in YYG quoting Scripture over 100 times. In some 60 pages, you’ll find easy-to-follow straight-forward Biblical guidance so you can Make Sense of Becoming One Flesh.
COMING SOON…releasing mid-December 2017.



In Genesis 2:24, the LORD God brings the woman to the man and commands “they shall BECOME ONE FLESH”.
Becoming One Flesh is God’s Marriage Covenant…it’s the only Covenant He made in six days of Creation.
In fact, the Marriage Covenant was so important to God that He commanded it into existence before resting on the Sabbath.



I’m divorced. I’m a dad. I’m not a pastor. In many ways, my life looks like yours.
I may not be the right messenger for a book on God’s Design of Marriage…just as Christian persecutor Saul was converted to Apostle Paul [conversion Acts 9; new name Acts 13:9] to teach the good news of Jesus Christ, here goes:
Whether you’re engaged, married happily or struggling, you can find Joy and Peace on your journey toward Becoming One Flesh.
Although I was raised unchurched and knew nothing about the Marriage Covenant, I turned to The Bible for answers. In Scripture, I found two essential truths:
> God crafted the man to be Family Shepherd. By the time I understood that, it was too late…I failed.
> As Dad of two boys, I was [and still am] Teacher for two Family Shepherds-to-be. An awesome work in progress.
So that my boys, and couples everywhere, may learn from my mistakes, I wrote YYG to share His Revelation and Wisdom about the Marriage Covenant and to Make Sense of Becoming One Flesh.
If I can understand what Becoming One Flesh is all about, so can you. Before it’s too late.





“I have respect for Arne and his work. His ‘YYG: Your Marriage. Your Family. God’s Design.’ is a sincere approach to discern the path to a successful marriage through the reading, interpretation, and application of Scripture. Throughout, Arne welcomes respect and forbearance, kindness, and caring. Kudos!”
The Rev Linda Whitworth-Reed.
Go to YYG Radio to hear Rev. Linda’s take on
“God’s Design of Woman”. Part 2.0726.

“It has been my privilege to have worked with and observed Arne in action.  I have been pleased to see his desire to apply the Word of God to a basic area of God’s Church: Marriage and the Family.  While many have addressed the issue over the years, Arne has a real heart to apply Biblical principles and practical wisdom to this critical issue.  I recommend that you and your church utilize the tools Arne offers.  Your families will thank you for it.”
Gary Vaile.
FaithTalk 99.5 FM. Little Rock, Arkansas.